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YMCA Lifeguard v6 Training: Instructor Guide
This comprehensive instructor guide provides all the instructional outlines and resources needed to deliver the following courses in the YMCA Lifeguard Program:

YMCA Lifeguard v6
YMCA Lifeguard Recertification v6
YMCA Lifeguard Crossover v6
YMCA Aquatic Safety Assistant v6
YMCA Aquatic Safety Assistant

Recertification v6 The Y's Lifeguard Program features an increased focus on preventing accidents, recognizing signs of trouble, and making quick decisions that mean faster and more effective emergency responses. It stresses prevention strategies, victim recognition, emergency action plans, providing emergency care, completing reports, and helping maintain a safe aquatic environment. The program also includes training for guarding water parks, recreation attractions, and waterfronts and provides instruction for managing outdoor hazards, understanding basic pool maintenance, and pursuing job training and employment.