HEPA TShirts, Medallions, Plaques and Trophies


Since 2011, thousands of Ys across the country have committed themselves to adopting and implementing Healthy Eating and Physical Activity (HEPA) standards to help combat childhood obesity.

A select group of participating Ys have been named “HEPA Champions” for demonstrating exceptional commitment to HEPA through their early childhood and after-school programs. The YShop Team congratulates all the Ys participating in the program for their hard work and dedication!

For more information, visit ymca.net/HEPA

Now available for HEPA staff and participants: the "HEPA" T-shirt.

Also available: all "insert"-style Medallions, Plaques and Trophies are available with HEPA inserts and other accessories like the ribbon for the medallion on the right… just pick the HEPA insert as shown below.


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