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Sterling Venom Soccer Ball - WHILE SUPPLIES LAST

Sterling's Venom Match Play Soccer Balls are preferred by major college and high school programs as their official match play ball. Features a polyurethane outer casing Techno Cordley cover for a more predictable trajectory, better touch and lower water uptake. 32-panel hand-sewn construction. Reinforced with 4 layers of polyester cloth lining for luxurious feel and top notch performance. Fully impregnated with pre-vulcanized latex that is rubber bonded to the outer case providing exceptional shape retention and durability. Needle type butyl bladder offers excellent rebound and superior air retention.

Suitable for all weather playing conditions
NCAA, NAIA, NFHS certified and approved
Embossed NFHS logo for high school play
Shipped deflated

Not eligible for free shipping.